If you have lost or found a pet, please explore and search this site to determine if an article has already been posted on this site for the missing pet.  Please contact your local Dog Warden or Vet (Registered Organisations are listed below) to request that they post an article to this site ASAP to help re-unite the pet with its owner quickly. If your local Dog Warden or Vet is not yet listed below please encourage them to register to this site to enable them to post articles for lost and found pets in the future without delay.

If you have found a dog, please report it to your Local Dog Warden Immediately. They are duty bound to collect and impound the dog. Please also request that they post an article to this site ASAP.   Please remember to make a donation when this website has helped re-unite you and your pet.

SURREY Contacts

  1. Dog Warden – Guildford Tel: 01483 444765, Peter Burnage
  2. Woodside Veterinary Clinic Tel:01428 68565
  3. Shortheath Veterinary Surgery Tel:01252 891659 
  4. The Bourne Veterinary Clinic Tel:01252 820999
  5. Beacon Hill Veterinary Clinic Tel:01428 606396
  6. Farncombe Veterinary Surgery Tel:01483 421833
  7. Vale Veterinary Centre Tel:01252 337310
  8. North Downs Veterinary Group Guildford and Milford – Tel:01483 414747
  9. The Cape Veterinary Clinic Guildford – Tel : 01483 538990


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