FOUND : I sent you some details on my missing tortoise about 3 months ago, she went missing from my garden in Macclesfield, she is an 8 year old Hermanns. I am delighted to say that she has been found and I would like to Thank you for advertising her on your website.

My female Hermann’s tortoise went missing from a pen in my garden on Sunday 23rd May at around 3 pm, from the Higher Hurdsfield area of Macclesfield in Cheshire

She is green, brown and black in colour and 164mm in length.

She has a long tail for a female and a small white mark on her shell from some white paint.

She is most likely to be found any where she can dig down like piles of leaves, compost heaps and soil etc.

I’m desperate to find her as the nights are to cold for her to be outside.

Click HERE to Contact Anita Harris if you have any details for the owner, Hazel Warburton

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Update : JESS has been found, she was reported the next day to the local dog warden, and was collected just 10minutes away from her home. A happy ending to a NEW year..


JESS is a beautiful dog,  5 months old female

Rhodesian Ridgeback lost in the Shepperton area (UK), New Year’s Eve at midnight.

She panicked possibly due to the noise of the fireworks & bolted. ‘Jess’ is a puppy although already fairly tall for a pup: approx 2 ft tall. She is red wheaten in colour (mid reddish brown) with a small area of white on her chest & large white paws. She has a full tail & a ‘liver’ coloured nose. Her distinctive feature is the fur along her spine which goes against the natural direction of her coat as seen in the photo. Jess has a fairly timid nature & could be cowering somewhere or seeking shelter. We have searched for miles throughout the night & will continue to do so tomorrow at first light.

She responds to her name & whistles but as said, is wary of strangers. She MAY have travelled far or stayed close to Shepperton. PLEASE contact me if you have any information…..even a sighting. Jess is extremely loved & my daughter is distraught

Thank you. Karen Tel: 07810 118 432 or contact Anita Harris using the contact form on this WEBSITE

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Merlin has been re-united with his owners a few days after reporting him lost .—

merlin Merlin is a grey long haired neutred male cat who went missing from my daughter’s house late 30/09/09 in Barleyfield Clayton-le-woods Chorley/Preston Lancashire. He ran out and my daughter gave chase thus sending Merlin into unfamiliar territory. He is greatly missed by all his family

He is 12 years old but very fit! He was wearing an electronic bird deterent device on his collar. The most distinguishing thing about him is definitely his yowl as he is a very vocal cat unlike the standard miaow.

For any information about missing Merlin Please contact Merlins owner directly on Tel. 0161-665-3176  (EMAIL

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Lost Cream Labrador puppy, Farncombe

Lost Labrador puppy in Farncombe  (9 months old) – Female

Lost 20th September 2009

Pet re-united  with owner 21st September  – thank you FindalostPet

Hawaii Photos Website Contact Anita Harris

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lost rabbit – baby grey rabbit with white face

DESCRIPTION : small grey rabbit with a white face, escaped from home in godalming

PETS NAME : Answers to the name of Sandy

LOST WHERE : – from garden by river in Godalming , Surrey.

Sample Vets 3 Whitley – Tel:01234 123458 – Third Contact Name /REF ABC007

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found – black swan on pond in hambledon

could be a wild swan or an escapee from a wildfowl collection -

Hawaii Photos Website Contact Anita Harris

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DESCRIPTION : small grey rabbit with a white face, very tame was found

FOUND WHERE : – by the roadside in Godalming High street, Surrey. obviously someones pet.

RESOLVED : one rabbit returned to its rightfull owner

Sample Vets 2 Horsham – Tel:01234 123457 – Second Contact Name/ref XYZ 0009

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