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Merlin has been re-united with his owners a few days after reporting him lost .—

merlin Merlin is a grey long haired neutred male cat who went missing from my daughter’s house late 30/09/09 in Barleyfield Clayton-le-woods Chorley/Preston Lancashire. He ran out and my daughter gave chase thus sending Merlin into unfamiliar territory. He is greatly missed by all his family

He is 12 years old but very fit! He was wearing an electronic bird deterent device on his collar. The most distinguishing thing about him is definitely his yowl as he is a very vocal cat unlike the standard miaow.

For any information about missing Merlin Please contact Merlins owner directly on Tel. 0161-665-3176  (EMAIL

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Grey Tabby Male Cat Found in Surrey Garden GU8 1LP, red collar,

Sample Vets 1 Godalming – Tel:01234 123456 – First Contact Name

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