You MUST have a username/password before you can report/Post an Article to this website  for any LOST or FOUND Pet.  Please contact the SITE owner  for FREE registration to enable you to write an article for LOST and FOUND Pets, you must be part of an organisation such as a vet or a dog warden  as these are the first port of call when a pet is found.

Anyone can search for reported Lost and Found pets from Google Search as all Articles posted  onto this site quickly and efficiently indexed by Google .

Anyone can search for reported Missing and Found pets directly from this Website using any of the search features available in the sidebars on the right and header.

ALL posted articles for reported missing pets will be displayed on the HomePage showing the most recent postings  FIRST.  ALL postings can be displayed by relevant categories (eg lost cats, found dogs),  and by local areas (eg Godalming, Surrey) and ANY posting can be searched for by date posted (see the calendar) and by entering search keywords in the search text box.

Worried owners can check the latest listing of LOST and FOUND pets and search for and find a lost pet directly from any page on this website by using any of the search features in the right panels. Check the list of participating organisations in your area and if your vet is not in this list, please contact them by phone  to report a missing or found pet, and request that they register and use this site for logging all their future LOST and FOUND pets.

The aim of this site is to re-unite owners and their beloved pets as fast as possible.

Registration will be restricted to verified users, such as Vetenary Clinics,  Animal Hospitals, Dog Wardens etc or any other organisation to which lost animals are frequently reported to as a first port or call


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